1. A New Yoga Teacher's Guide to Yoga Class Creation SKU: 168028

Are you a new yoga teacher afraid to get out there and actually teach a yoga class? I want to help simplify the yoga class prep process and get you out there and teaching already! This ebook includes lessons on simple class sequencing, pose breakdowns, and even some fun cueing exercises. It'll help you gain confidence in your class structure and planning. This downloadable PDF is 103 pages and has been improved (as of 6/18/19) for mobile readability. A New Yoga Teacher's Guide To Yoga Class Creation was created to help you save time in planning your yoga classes. Less planning, more teaching!


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A New Yoga Teacher's Guide to Yoga Class Creation is for:

  • Dedicated yoga practitioners who want to understand class structure
  • Yoga teachers wanting to create simple and unique sequences for their classes
  • New teachers who have gone through yoga teacher training, but want to better understand sequencing before teaching

You’ll learn to:

  • Build simple creative sequences
  • Deepen your understanding of yoga poses
  • Weave an theme throughout your practice
  • Develop a simple home practice