Yoga Mat Keychain 10 Pack SKU: 183079

NEW! Yoga mat keychains. Show off your love of yoga or use it as a reminder to take a deep breath or step onto your yoga mat when life gets stressful.

These keychains are super lightweight and can be attached anywhere you want - your keys, yoga mat bag, backpack, purse, etc. 

I've been a yoga teacher since 2012 and have taught thousands of classes. I had some unused yoga mats in my closet. Curious what to do with them, I started making little yoga mat keychains just for fun. Each one has an added yoga charm for extra pizzazz.

I have given a bunch of them out to my yoga students during special event classes as a tiny token of appreciation. They LOVE them. Even a small gift can make a big impact.

Get one for yourself, or for that special yoga friend in your life.


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